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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

I’m Under Construction
Luke 0:1-6

Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

In the Gospel according to Luke,  we see where Jesus calls his 12 disciples. He knew all about them because he is a sovereign God, but he still called them so they could be used for service. He gave them instructions and commissioned them to go.

Even as people of God and people of faith, we are all under construction. Just as the sovereign God knew the twelve, he knows about each one of us, our downfalls and shortcomings. but he still wants to use us. No matter where you are now if God calls you, no one can stop you from doing the work of God.

Just as the twelve messed up, fell short, let God down, he still used them.
Peter denied Him.
Thomas doubted Him.
Judas betrayed Him.
The others deserted Him.

No matter how the devil tries to make you feel because of your shortcomings, your hang ups or your issues, he is a liar. God can still use you. No one can stop or block what God has for you. God is still in control. What we go through, when we are misunderstood, and when we make mistakes, God has called us to serve and He has it under control.

In all things know that God is calling you. He wants to use you. Drop you net! Drop yourself so God can use you. If He can speak through a donkey, he can use your voice to speak, your hands for encouragement, but you must be willing to be submitted to Him!


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