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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

Luke 23:39-43


Palm Sunday – Jesus made His entrance riding a colt and the people saying “Hosanna (save us)”

Monday – Jesus cursed the fig tree. It was in place but not producing!

Tuesday – Jesus chase the people out of the temple because of what they were doing in it. He states this is my house a House of Prayer!

Wednesday – no record of what happened this day, but it is known as the Day of Silence. It is also the day that Judas planned the betrayal of Jesus. The officials did not come to him but He went to them.

Thursday – The day Jesus was marched from judgement hall to judgement hall. They were trying to find fault in Him but none found.

Friday – The day Jesus was hung on the cross between two thieves who had dialogue between themselves, then dialogue with the Christ. They were also guilty of their crimes. One died for his sins and the other was given freedom because of his recognition of who Jesus really was.

We can see from this conversation that the thief on the left made a request but was ignored by Jesus. It was denied because he failed to recognize who Jesus was. He only wanted a way out! The thief on the right made a request and it was granted. This shows us that we can meet Jesus, Talk with Him and be where He is and still go to Hell. Why? Because we fail to recognize who Jesus is. Sometime we ask for forgiveness and want to be free but we still miss the mark because we really only want to get out of what we are in at that moment.

As with the thief the cross, never give up. The grace of God and the goodness of God shows up when least expected.

We must be like the thief:
-Recognize we are sinners
-Rebuke others when needed
-Recognize who God is!

True freedom – we must acknowledge the greatness of the Saviour!
God’s grace is so wonderful!
God responds to faithfulness not foolishness.

SUNDAY – He rose!

This passion week was for you and me.


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