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What an amazing week we have had, United! There is so much sad and discouraging news in our culture right now. Controversial killings of young men in the African-American community could make us feel uncertain about the sovereignty and the love of God. We might be caught up in the negativity some people are spreading, but we have seen and heard enough to revive our spirits this week.

 I have seen my father go from critical condition to looking alive and well this week. Mother Taylor has another healing testimony to add to her list, as she recovers this week from a recent serious health condition. We at United enjoyed the return of our beloved Sister Adams last Sunday after months of not being able to fellowship with us. For all the things we could mourn – lost health, lost lives of young boys who become victims of our culture and our justice system, lost church members, and everything else we’ve lost, we have seen too much of the goodness of God firsthand this week and heard too much about the faithfulness of God during revival to get bogged down in losses.

We know from our last night of revival and from the testimonies of my father, Mother Taylor, and Sister Adams that God is faithful and deserving of our praise and thanksgiving. I’m excited about how I see God at work in our lives and in our hearts, United, and I am eager to see the fruits of God restoring our lives and our church.



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