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Happy Sunday, everyone! Halloween comes this week. Some people look forward all year to dressing up as though they were someone or something else. I don’t get into Halloween. I don’t dress up. I don’t choose not to participate because of religious reasons. I simply choose not to participate.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve daydreamed at times about being someone else. It was an attractive thought at one time. I can say, however, at this point in my life I have finally realized there is no other person I would rather be than me. Knowing how I felt earlier in my life, wanting to be someone else, sometimes I can hardly believe how glad I am today that God made me who I am. I am grateful for the choices I have made – good and bad – because they all led me to where I am today and to who I am today and to the people that I share my life with today (that includes you, my wonderful church family reading this).

God knew I needed my quirks and my admirable traits. He knew I needed my strengths and my weaknesses. He knew just how to make me, and I must say he did a superb job. I hope you feel the same way about yourself. I feel that way about each of you. If you dress up for Halloween, do it only for fun because you are a wonderful, God-reflecting miracle just the way God made you.


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