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As I have mentioned, we have been landscaping at the Thompson house. To our surprise, one day we noticed some of our plants were not looking so good. Some had brown places. Some had leafless branches. We suspected the plants were not getting adequate water

We had been spraying the plants daily using a nozzle on the hose. We changed to laying the hose near each plant and allowing the water to run for a while. The plants did not improve as we had hoped. 

Next, we tried a sprinkler. So far, so good. Not every plant has come all the way back, but most of our azaleas have beautiful white blooms on them now. We realized the force of the water from the hose was coming out so strong on our hard ground that the water was doing more running off the shrubbery and making mud puddles in the grass than giving our plants much needed hydration. The hose and the sprinkler both put forth much needed water, but the sprinkler seems to be giving the water in a more effective way for our ground and our plants.

As we continue to work hard and smart on growing our landscaping, know that we continue to work hard and smart on growing United. We are working to identify the methods of watering and nurturing that are most effective for United, our community, and the new people we hope to attract. With your help and willingness to try new things, we are confident that we can and will grow our family.


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