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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

The Power Of the Struggle
Luke 22:39-44

Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips

Passion of Christ – His Death, Burial and Resurrection

Palm Sunday
According to Scripture, Jesus called for a colt that had never been ridden. He mounts the colt and goes to Jerusalem. The people laid palm branches at His feet and cried Hosanna, Hosanna, Son of David. (Hosanna means save us) The Jews had been in bondage and was waiting on the Messiah.

Jesus goes to the Temple. On His way he passed a fig tree that had no figs. The tree was in position but not producing. This is alarming to us in the kingdom. Don’t find yourself in a position and not producing; you suppose to be working for God but just holding a title and not doing the task! Jesus cursed the fig tree!
He continued into the Temple dealing with the religious leaders. He flipped over the money changers and tells them that His House should be the House of Prayer but you have made it a den of thieves. He told them everything was going on in the hosue except prayer.

Jesus comes in contact with the disciples and teach them about the fig tree situation. Literally He teaches them about faith.
He now is being questioned by the religious leaders about whose authority He comes in. He has the mental anguish of proving whose He is without being offensive.
Bible now tells us of His Olivet  disclosure. On Mount Olive He tells them of the pending destruction of Jerusalem, not a poplar subject, but about the end of the age.
The last part of the day He deals with the betrayal of Judas, how he set Him up for 30 pieces of silver.

Nothing is recorded in the scriptures about this day. Theology calls it a Day of Silence.

The real essence of the Passion of Christ is a week that Jesus goes through every vice, circumstance, and situation that we will face in our lives on our Christian walk.

In Luke’s account we see the
Suffering of Christ
Agony in the Garden
Stress of Jesus

By Wednesday Jesus was preparing for the mental struggle that he would have to go through to achieve what He came to do. Yes, He opened blind eyes; made the lame walk; unstopped deaf ears; and raised the dead. But the assignment of Christ was for Him to die.

1. Stress of the struggle
The stress of the mental anguish of Him having to die, of what He had to go through, He prayed. He prayed for Himself and others who had to watch and endure. As He prayed sweat comes from his brow. There was much mental stress that it busted blood vessels in his brow and the blood came streaming down. We talk about the blood still works; the blood shall never lose its power; Jesus endures 39 lashes; and His back being bruised. But do you realize that the first blood shed came when He prayed in the garden?

2. Sacrifice of the Struggle
Jesus realized that if He did not go through to accomplish His assignment, We would not have the opportunity to be reconciled back with the Father. Therefore, He sacrificed Himself!

3. Strength
Everything Jesus endured this week was for everything we will face in life. Even Jesus (human side) needed someone to pray for Him (scriptures tells us the angels came).
You can not make this journey by yourself. You need someone to encourage you in your moments and times of weakness. You want someone who can tell you when you are wrong, then help you heal, help you move further in your life with Christ.
Between your stress and struggle should be FAITH.

In the garden He realized what He had done for others in the course of his 3 1/2 years ministry, He understood the burden of the other side of the cross, and He knew he would be back with His Father.

As we reflect on this Passion Week
He Died, was buried, but rose with all power.

The Father was Glorified!
The Son was Magnified!
The Holy Spirit was Gratified!
Confirmation of the Bible was Ratified!
Church was Edified!
Our Souls were Satisified!


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