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This afternoon we will celebrate a great milestone in a minister’s life – the ordination of Mollie Smith. I remember when I came to United. From our first meeting I have known her to be a prayer warrior, a humble follower of Christ, and a faithful servant and member. Her ordination is a fruit of development, training and the acceptance of more responsibility. These are three things we all must strive for, whether a formal ministry status, such as being ordained, is involved or not.

 In my almost five years I have seen a number of people develop and undergo training and accept more responsibility. Know that I am so proud of the work we have done together to develop ourselves and the work that I have seen some put into your individual development. Thank you for that investment. Thank you for attending Wednesday studies and Sunday School and church conferences and retreats and studying on your own. As we develop and progress as servants, we are built up individually and collectively, which means the church is stronger, and God’s kingdom is advanced. Praise the Lord for you and your work!



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