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While my wife and I were on the coast for work last weekend we attended service at one of my Board member’s church. There was a portion of the service called “piano meditation.” The pianist played beautifully. Her passion for playing came through, and my wife and I both talked about how her playing heightened our awareness that God was present.

 We met the pianist and one of her daughters after church. The pianist’s daughter plays several instruments. She told us that she loves music and that you couldn’t grow up in her mother’s house and not play something. The daughter participates in a weekly service for the homeless at a church in Jackson in the community where she lives while attending college. I was impressed with the family. Not only are they particularly musically gifted but the mother has instilled in all the children the importance of developing their gifts and using them for God’s service.

How are we uniquely and masterfully equipped to serve God, United? Are we developing our gifts and using them to serve God? Are we training our children and grandchildren to develop their gifts and use them for God’s service? I hope so. Whatever your gift – serving, music, faith, leadership, preaching, or something else, I hope that we, like the pianist, develop our gifts and serve God with such passion and excellence that when we serve we too leave someone with a heightened awareness that God is present.


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