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During Super Bowl XLIX the New England Patriots won an amazing victory over the Seattle Seahawks. In the fourth quarter the Patriots substituted Kyle Arrington, a seasoned NFL cornerback, for Malcolm Butler, an undrafted, free agent, rookie cornerback from Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Patriots were up 28-24 with about two minutes left in the game, and it was the Seahawks possession. Malcolm Butler made an attempt to intercept the football during a pass to Jermaine Kearse. Malcolm deflected the ball up in the air and Kearse caught the ball on the five yard line. Kearse’s incredible catch off of the deflection by Malcolm Butler seemed destined to go down in history as the game’s signature play that would ultimately lead the Seahawks to a victory. The Seahawks were now on the one yard line preparing to take the victory. Just when the Patriots thought all hope was lost, Malcolm Butler, stepped in front of the Patriots player who was about to catch the ball in the end zone and intercepted the ball. What a turn of events! It was now the Patriot’s ball, and the Patriot’s game. The New England Patriots were off to a Super Bowl celebration.

After Malcolm’s awesome play, the media stated he had been in trouble at times during his life, but he always managed to persevere. What if Malcolm had given up early in life? What if he had given up after the deflected pass in the game? Had he given up, he would not have received a victory. God wants us to persevere in spite of our circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes or even feel that you’re not worthy of the best things in life. God says you can make the big score, and you can be a winner. You must never give up, and never give in.  God wants each of us to know He designed us for greatness, but we must stay the course.


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