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I saw a white out bottle in the ground in a walkway this week. Notice, I didn’t say “on the ground” but “in the ground.” It was laying on its side, pressed down into the ground so that the top of the side that was facing up was level with the ground. “Amazing,” I thought when I saw it. So many people have walked on this bottle that it is now pressed down into the ground level with the ground.

 As people continue to walk on that bottle it will be pressed deeper and deeper into the ground. One day it will probably eventually be covered by the dirt around it. The bottle has been forgotten and overlooked. Someone must have dropped it out there accidentally. For the bottle to be pressed into the ground that way, many people must have walked over it, not noticing it or noticing but not caring.

 As I saw it, forgotten and walked over so many times, I asked God to make me different. I asked Him to not let me be one of those people that walk blindly around missing opportunities to serve and walking by without noticing people who can serve or need serving. I pray this week that God change our hearts so that our eyes are open to seeing opportunities. May God remind us to look for one another and not overlook one another, and may He renew our hearts and minds such that it becomes second nature for us to want to serve each other.


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