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I read a funny joke this week: Two hunters went duck hunting. The first hunter had a dog that could walk on water. When the first hunter shot a duck, the duck fell in the water. The hunter’s dog walked on the water, nothing getting wet but the dog’s paws, and the dog retrieved the duck for his owner. The first hunter, proud of his dog’s miraculous ability to walk on the water, said to the second hunter, “Notice anything unusual about my dog?” The second hunter replied, “Yeah! Your dog can’t swim!”

Wow. The second hunter saw a miraculous dog that could walk on water but missed the miracle focusing on how things didn’t happen as he expected –that the dog didn’t swim. I think it’s safe to say the second hunter is probably not in the habit of choosing happiness. I thought that story was pretty funny, and it was a great illustration of how easy it is to look at every circumstance of life and choose to experience either happiness or unhappiness.

I am so proud of our leadership and even our youth as I hear stories about how we have stated out loud over the last two weeks that we are choosing happiness. Keep up the good work! And if you’re not happy, I have two words for you: get happy! Have a happy week, everyone!


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