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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

It’s In Your Talk
Matthew 9:20-21
Mark 5:25
Pastor Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

There is power in the Word and in talking to yourself.

1. The woman was “Diseased“. She had an illness for years.
In today’s society we are “dis-eased”: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

2. The woman was “Desperate“. She had spent all she had and had not gotten any better.
Sometimes we do all we can and things are still the same.

3. She endured “Distraction“.
People know all your good and your bad. They try to kill your dreams, and they speak negatively to distract you. You must remember that it’s not about what people say or do to you, but how you respond. What are you saying to yourself? We have the power to speak life, healing, and prosperity. It’s not about what you say to others, but what you say to yourself!

4. She had “Deliverance“. Her faith moved her to action, a touch, which led to her deliverance!
Your faith needs to move you to your next level. Having faith is action! We have the power to speak the Overflow and life in abundance.

If you want to please God, exercise your Faith!


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