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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

Up to Mt. Moriah
Genesis 22:1-14

Pastor Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

In this passage of scripture, Abraham was asked to offer his only son, Isaac, whom he loved, as a sacrifice. a burnt offering. He obeyed and did as God had commanded. He went to the mountain with the knife, the fire and his son. As he prepared to offer his only son, God intervened, because of Abraham faithfulness, he provided a “ram” for the sacrifice. Abraham called the place “A place where God will provide”.

God has a way of always providing for us in whatever we might be faced with.

Every situation, every mountain, or every valley that we may encounter, God uses that  to teach us the following things.

1. God teaches you about yourself. He teaches your about your strength and your weakness. The devil wants you to think you are weak, but God shows you your strength. Whatever we go through we need to know that God will provide. We need Him in everything we do.

When you are granted what you ask for don’t forget to love the giver not the gift. Abraham prayed for a son and was granted one. He showed he loved the giver more than the gift because he was willing to offer his only son with no questions. Whatever it is, healing, deliverance, house, car, or opening doors don’t forget that God gave it to you!

2. God teaches us about the character of God. Abraham experienced God’s character. God provided him with a “ram”. God allows us to go through so that we can see His character. His character is who God is. His character is shelter, presence help, a keeper, the way, the truth, the light, a door and a lamb. He is God. He is a provider. When you go through your mountaintop or valley experience God is there. When you go through you grow closer to God. Nothing will be withheld from you as His child if you are obedient.

Bless God at all time. He has the resources. Remember the giver as well as the gift.

The strength of Abraham was trusting believing and being faithful to God.

Even when you don’t know the outcome of your situation, just know that God will provide. The sovereignty of God is in the blessings of God.

Remember to give of yourself. Through every experience that you go through, God is trying to transform you to see Him





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