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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

Don’t Quit
Luke 5:1-5

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

Life has a way of sending us through processes that are beyond our control. Sometime we are doing right, doing all the right things, but it seems not to produce positive results. Stay encouraged! Don’t allow where we are or going through hinder us or stop us from achieving or going forward.

In the lesson text, we see where these men had been fishing and toiling all night and did not catch anything. You must have the mind set or mentality that regardless I will not quit. I will not give up. I will not give in!

God is in position to enter into our ship!

In the lesson text we see there was two ships. Jesus had a choice. Jesus chose one of then and it happened to be the one with Simon Peter.

God has options. Because of this He choose you. He choose your number and now He has chosen your ship! It is a blessing to know that there are others in line, other people available, but you need to be positive and in position that God is willing to get on board.

In the lesson text the men were washing their nets. They had given up because they had toiled all night and not caught anything.

When you wash your net you are saying you are defeated. Don’t wash your net. Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t walk away! It’s not over yet. Regardless of the situation you are facing: doctor report, current conditions, doors closed in your face! It’s not over yet! Maybe that door closed in your face was not for you. Maybe that opportunity was not for you. Remember God is now on board giving you ANOTHER CHANCE!

Lesson text: All that the men had done, all their efforts, their nets not produce anything, Jesus told them to launch out in the deep. Their response you want us to do again it again. Yes!

Just because that door closed, you were rejected this tine, circumstances not pan out, God wants us to do it again. Yes, you may have been talked about, rejected, received a bad report, Launch out again. The difference, first time you did on your own accord; second time God is leading, you stepped out on God’s Word.

The reality is that sometimes we do things on our abilities and skills, but when God gets on board our ship he tells us to do it! He is giving the directions now.

You can’t Quit!
You can’t Give up!
You can’t thrown in the towel!
Giving up and losing is not an option. God is on your side!

Text: After washing their nets by way of discouragement and exhaustion, the men gave up. They now gave Jesus their emptiness and a ship with no fish. When you give God what you have left, He gives you something to work with! Jesus told them to launch out into the deep and throw their net over. Do it again! Now they had more than enough!

Don’t Quit! Others benefit by you not giving up. They look at your faith, hope and drive. Where others have given up when they see you not giving up and keep going, it encourages them to keep on fighting the good fight of Faith.

Don’t get discourage. Whatever you are facing don’t stop your faith, advancement and pursuit of happiness!

We have to endure! Those that wait on the Lord, He has something prepared for you as a believer!
God rewards your faithfulness.

Don’t Quit, give up, walk away or be discouraged! God is waiting to get on board. He’s waiting to help you through. He wants to expand your territory!


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