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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

It’s A Setup
John 9:1-3

Pastor Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

When we look at our situation (death, sickness, problems, etc.) we see them as setbacks. We must remember that sometime God allows things to happen to us so that He can get the glory! We might not understand the hurt or pain, and we think that the devil is doing this to us, but it could be the hand of God.

God is allowing or arranging things to happen to set us up!   God wants to get the glory!

Don’t give up! Don’t write it off! Sometimes God picks us out so we can be positioned or picked on. God is picking us out to bring Him glory. If it is His will, it is His bill!

The death of your suffering determines your height of anointing. He allows it to increase your anointing. He will not put too much on you that you can not handle.

Being on the mind of God is a blessing! When you are on God’s mind, He’s working with you. God wants you to be where you are.

When you are questioning God, He’s doing it. He wants you to go through so that He can get the glory. He wants you to go through the test so that you can be a testimony to someone else.

Don’t let your situation get you down. You don’t want to miss the glory of God.
You will be rewarded your “badge”. Look at it as a “Badge of Honor” because you made it through (sickness, death, forgiveness, or whatever the situation). He’s preparing you for something greater. If it is His choice, it’s His invoice!

Remember when you are on the mind of God, you are on the heart of God!

Just hold out. Don’t give up!  The blessing is coming.  God is just setting you up!




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