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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : October 4, 2017 9:02 pm : Blog

He’s Working While You Are Waiting
Psalm 130:5

God wants you to wait patiently for Him to answer your prayer. He also wants you to wait with a spirit of expectancy.
While you are waiting God’s timing could be the trying/testing of your faith.

Sometimes in our waiting we are overwhelmed; don’t give up, just look up!

When you pray and if it seems He never answers, remember God is Good!
1. God is working while you wait.
2. God is in control and you’re not! He knows better what you need than you do!
3. God has a plan for you.
4. Whether or not you receive the answer you want, God is still in position to honor your patient (your faith)!

Just remember The assurance of God’s promise, provision and plan, He will bring it to pass!

Hold fast to the promise of God. Be patient. God is working while you wait!

Be blessed!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : September 20, 2017 11:45 pm : Blog

The Love of God
Deuteronomy 7:7-9

This passage of scripture tells about how God delivered the children of Israel out of the land of Eqypt to the Promised land. He did it because of the covenant promised with their fore fathers.

Today, we too are living under the blessing of the prayers of our fore fathers. The blessings we now enjoy are because of the love of God.

We need to walk in the knowledge of God. He is a faithful god. He is obligated to honor the covenant.

We need to live a life pleasing to Him. We need to know who God is and his characteristics.

We need to
1. Remember (God’s covenant)
2. Be reminded (by God’s word – of what He has done and what He promised)
3. Rejoice (He keeps His promise. Just wait on God!)

God made a promised to our fore-fathers. He is a faithful God. When the need arises, God steps in on time.

He is a God of Love!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : September 13, 2017 8:44 pm : Blog

Let It Go
Hebrews 12:14-15

Un-forgiveness ties you down! The enemy tries to keep you down about things that happened in your past. It leads to you holding things against others. When you hold things against other people, you limit God’s ability to help you.

Forgiveness occurs when you stopping seeking revenge. Forgiveness is free to you but it cost Christ His life!

So how do you get free?

1. Learn to let things go and “leave it to God“.
Give up trying to get even with someone. God can settle the score. You can never hurt another person like you have been hurt!

2. Heal it with grace!
To let go gets God’s grace. Bitterness and un-forgiveness are contagious. Some things are only going to be healed by the grace of God. Remember it keeps you in bondage and the other person is free!

3. Learn how to “nail it to the cross“.
The cross is realizing the sacrifice Christ gave for you. He died so you could be free. He died for all sin! He forgave you for past, present and future sin. He freed you from the bondage of sin.

Release the grip on the person who hurt you!
Bring it to God.
Ask for grace (healing).
Nail it to the cross (He paid for you).

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.


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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : August 16, 2017 9:46 pm : Blog

Spiritual Growth
Philippians 2:12-13

As believers we should all want or desire to grow in Christ. We all go to church out of habit but showing up in the building is not enough.

Spiritual growth must:
1. Be Intentional. We work not to be saved but we work because we are saved! Salvation is a gift.
2. Have a desire to follow after Him. Spiritual growth begin with a sincere decision to want to grow, to want more. God wanted us to be saved to serve. We need to make a commitment, even if we you have been in church all your life, to grow in God daily. The more of God we get the more of God we want.

God has new mercies for us daily. So before you put your wish list to God, put yourself before God first.

Grow with God daily!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr.

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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : August 9, 2017 8:28 pm : Blog

Hebrews 12:12-15
Relaxing in God’s Grace

With so much going on in today’s world, death, government turmoil, family situations, etc., we still have God’s grace and God’s love.

If we are to relax in God’s grace, we must realize the following:

1. Nobody is perfect. The only perfect thing is God’s Word. Nobody is perfect but God. Stop setting yourself up for disappointment or a letdown by expecting people or things to be the way we want. They are not our way of thinking because they don’t have the ability to change or be our way because we are all imperfect.

2. Understand and enjoy God’s unconditional love. The love of God has no strings attached. He loves us just as we are because He accepted us the way we were when we came to Him. We as imperfect people have the love of a perfect God. God’s love goes beyond whatever our whatever is.

3. Walk in the faith and let God handle all things. We can’t control things in this life. Give it to God no matter the situation, the pain, the finance, sickness, children, job, or whatever, let God handle it! He has the capacity to do it!

Remember when things happen either God allowed it or arranged it. Leave it in God’s hand.

By doing the above things we can relax in God’s love and God’s grace!

Rev. Dr. Jonathan T. Phillips, Jr., Pastor


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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : July 19, 2017 9:49 pm : Blog

Matthew 16:18-19
The Church Still Have A Future

In today’s world people not interested in the church because they feel the church has no power anymore!

The church has become a building; a place of gathering with no spirit of expectation. We don’t believe that the church still have drawing power.

The church still have a future because God is still able. God’s present will always be there.

Regardless of what has happened,  the visible present of God should always be there. Why? The same God that healed and delivered us will do it today. Because of what God did for each one of us, we should have the visible present of God in us daily.

If the church needs to make a change let that change begin in you: more love, more forgiveness, more sharing.

The church has power as long as we, the Christians, share and show the power of the Holy Spirit.

The church is not a building, the church is US.


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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : July 5, 2017 9:25 pm : Blog

Philippians 4:6-8
Trust – One Day At A Time

Don’t worry about anything! Pray about everything!

God wants us to be in a position to trust Him one day at a time!
Most of us spend out time worrying or stressing about things that have not happened yet. We are trying to prevent things from happening.

If we are to trust God one day at a time, we need to :

1. Learn how to worry about nothing. Don’t worry about tomorrow it’s not here yet!
2. Learn how to pray about everything. Prayer can change everything. If God took care of our biggest problem, getting to heaven, by sending His Son to die for us, don’t you know He will handle it today!
3. Learn how to thank God in all things! N matter what happens – give thanks! In all things give Him thanks, why?, God is going to take care of it for us if we trust Him.
4. Learn how to Think about the right things. Fill your mind with the Word of God. If you think abut the right things you will not have time to worry about the wrong things.

If you do the above four things your day will be better!

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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : May 10, 2017 10:05 pm : Blog

John 21:1-14
He Can Do It Again

Just as God told the disciples in this scripture that He is appearing unto them again, He is telling us that He is in the business of doing what He does again!

As Children of God, our spirituality should always override our humanity.

Our faith should be stronger than our fears. We should not allow our fears and frustrations to override our faith! God is able to defeat your doubt!

As we can see here, the disciples received abundance because of their obedience. God will give you more than enough through your faith. What he did yesterday or today He can and will do it again. He is an everlasting God!

Just be obedient, walk in faith not fear, and remember He will do it again!

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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : April 26, 2017 10:19 pm : Blog

Isaiah 12:1-6
A Reason to Praise God

Give Praises to God because of
1. Who He Is
2. What He has already done
3. What He’s going to do

Since God has been good to us, We should be faithful and obedient. Greater and better is on the way!

We should praise God according to this scripture because

1. The Lord has made us happy! He saved us! He is our strength and salvation!
2. He will cause us to triumph! God is able to do all things. He will cause excellent things to happen in our life.
3. His works are great!

Sometimes our hardships are not for our downfall but to develop us!

We need to move beyond stress. Stress for a child of God is saying there is no hope. God you can’t do it! We have more emphasis on the situation and not on God. Put it in God’s hand, not your own or someone else. Trust God to do what needs to be done!

Always Praise God!


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Thursday’s Ministry Moment

UMBC : April 19, 2017 7:58 pm : Blog

Isaiah 12
Give Thanks


This lesson is about praising God. As believers we should

1. Praise God for all His mighty acts.
2. Express a willingness to praise God because of the mighty works He has done!
3. Offer praise to Him!
We should not have to be prompted to give praise. We praise Him because of!

The first time Jesus came to save us. The next time He comes it will to rule!
God saved and delivered us. He should be our everything!

When you praise God you are saying I’m trusting you God. I trust you because I have
Security (because You loved me)
Confident (because You meet my needs, help me overcome situations and obstacles, and You guide me)
Hope (Looking for a triumph tomorrow)

God is our Hope, Joy of tomorrow and our present help! Praising Him only make room for more!



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