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My wife and I have been marveling over our plants. We planted a few dozen different plants (some are actually trees) in our yard last year. We had to feed them and water them and care for them diligently last summer and fall. And this spring they are blooming beautifully. What happiness we feel every time we look at the fruit of our labor! We served those plants the best we could, and know they have survived the winter and bless us every day with their beauty and the beauty of the butterflies and different insects they attract.

Seeing our plants reminds me how every one of God’s creations was created to serve. Everything has a purpose associated with service. Even mosquitos, which most of us in Mississippi would rather do without, have a purpose of service. They serve by cleaning the Earth. They eat decaying leaves and organic debris. They also serve by pollinating plants.

If mosquitos were created to serve, we were certainly created to serve. I am excited about the thought that when we serve God looks at us and is as happy about us growing and serving as I am about my plants beginning to bloom and starting to serve the Earth for another year. It feels great to know we can make God that happy, doesn’t it?


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