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United States Representative Alan Nunalee died earlier this month. He represented North Mississippi. President Obama commented about Nunalee:

 Alan represented the people of his beloved Mississippi for two decades, first as a state senator and then in Congress. A proud son of Tupelo, Alan never wavered in his determination to serve the men and women who placed their trust in him, even as he bravely battled the illness that ultimately took his life.

The President’s statement suggests Nunalee was a true servant. When you love people, as Nunalee loved the people of Mississippi and Jesus loved us, you want to serve them. When you have a servant heart you continue to serve while enduring hardship and suffering as Nunalee did and as Jesus did.

Speaker of the House and leader of the United States representatives, John Boehner said of Nunalee:

“at the end of his life, all Alan asked of us was whether he made a difference”. Indeed he did, very much so. But there is more to it than that. Because when you think about all the good Alan did and all the lives he touched, it is plain that he will continue to make a difference.

I knew Alan Nunalee, and I know that he was the kind of servant President Obama and Speaker Boehner described. At the end of my life I want to know like Nunalee that my service made a difference, that I did good and that I touched lives. What a great man and what a great legacy. We should all strive to leave a legacy of service.



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