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Last week I preached about being part of a revolution. One definition of “revolution” is: a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc. As I was working up my sermon to teach why we should be revolution-focused instead of resolution-focused, God was working up my life journey to lead me to a revolutionary place.

God has used my day job, the church, and several of my personal relationships over the last week to get me really excited about making some extreme and complete changes in the way I live. I am eager to use my time building man and advancing the kingdom in the ways I know God has called me to do that this year. I am excited about rearranging boundaries to make sure I can keep my focus. It will be hard to say “no” sometimes, but it will be necessary to prioritize the use of my time and energy and even my money if I want to use my life most effectively for God this year. And I am beyond-words excited about using my life to its maximum potential for God in 2015.

What about you? Have you identified any areas where God needs you to be revolution-focused and make an extreme change? Whether it’s to be more organized, to be more loving, or to identify your purpose and be purpose-driven, God is calling us all to turn away from some way of life in order to turn toward Him. You find one of your areas awaiting revolution, and let’s turn and walk together toward Him.


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